Young people all across the country care about their mental health. And, as the video shows, each one has their own way of expressing its importance.

To me, mental health means having good ways to deal with your feelings and how to enjoy life even when things are hard.

Activity steps
  1. Watch the video What does mental health mean to you? 
  2. In small groups or pairs, discussion the following questions:
Reflect and discuss

Teens and young adults from across Canada describe mental health in a variety of ways. 

What’s your definition? 

  • What are your overall thoughts about the video? What stood out most to you?
  • To what degree did the perspectives match your own? Was there a particular perspective that resonated most with you? How so?
  • How would you define mental health? What makes you say that?
Get creative!

Write, draw, film or use another way to communicate your definition of mental health. Then share your creation with others. Or collaborate on a project that expresses a variety of voices and art forms.