'High Hopes' is an upbeat, award-winning song by American pop rock band Panic! At the Disco. 'High Hopes' encourages us to consider our influences and beliefs about ourselves.

Didn’t know how but I always had a feeling..I was gonna be that one in a million.. always had high, high hopes

Activity steps
  1. Play the High Hopes video once, encouraging those who feel comfortable to close their eyes.
  2. Play the song again, and review the contents of the High Hopes handout
  3. In pairs, small groups, or as a larger group, discuss using one or more of the sets of questions in the handout.
Reflect and discuss

Didn’t know how but I always had a feeling/I was gonna be that one in a million/Always had high, high hopes

  • What does it mean to have high hopes?
  • Is having high hopes important? Why or why not?
  • What do you hope for? Why?

Mama said, “Fulfill the prophecy, be something greater, go make a legacy…”
Mama said, “Burn your biographies, rewrite your history, light up your wildest dreams”
Mama said. “Don’t give up…”

The singer’s mother is a key influence in his life. 

  • Who influences you? In what ways? 
  • What are some of the key messages that play in your head when you’re making decisions?
​​Get creative!
  • Write, draw, film or use another art form to represent hope and what it looks, feels or sounds like for you.
  • Identify and present a song of your choice that involves the themes of hope or influence.