Yoga is one of the most complete forms of exercise, working on all systems in the body. But it helps with happiness too. Yoga taps into our endocannabinoid system, releasing anandamide (ananda means “bliss”) and other feel-good chemicals throughout the body.

Activity Time: 30 min - 60 min
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Activity steps
  1. Ask: What do you know about yoga?  Discuss for a few minutes.
  2. Start with some simple stretches and poses. Ask participants if anyone would like to lead the group.
  3. Try one of these slow and simple 20-min Hatha Yoga sessions:
  4. After yoga, have a discussion using the questions below.
Reflect and discuss
  • What are your thoughts on the yoga video? Did anything surprise you?
  • How do you feel after doing yoga? Do you notice any difference from before you started?
  • Can you see yourself weaving yoga into your self-care routine? Why or why not?
  • What are other ways to relieve stress or release natural feel-good chemicals in the body?