The 4 D’s are a formula for coping with change, such as quitting or cutting down on using tobacco or cannabis.

Sometimes things trigger thoughts or feelings that make us want to resort to old habits we want to break. It helps to have a plan for managing those thoughts and feelings.

Activity steps
  1. Watch Leif’s story video
  2. Walk through the 4 Ds handout and explore the questions and activities below in small, groups, pairs or individually
Reflect and discuss 
  • Imagine a situation where you feel triggered and stressed. Walk through the 4 D’s.
    • How do you feel about the 4 D’s? 
    • How likely are you to use them when going through a change? 
    • How likely are you to share the 4 D’s with a friend or family member who is struggling?
    • What are other ways people cope with changing their substance use?
  • Imagine being hired to create your own coping formula, using your own ideas and words. What would you call it? How would you present the steps or tips?
Get creative 

Create a brochure or graphic featuring your unique coping formula.