Our inner feel-good factory

Many of the things we do each day contribute to our sense of wellness by releasing feel-good chemicals, or neurotransmitters, in our bodies. Our “inner feel-good factory” can help us stay motivated to cope with our problems and create the lives we want.

Activity Time: 20 min - 60 min
Activity steps
  1. Watch the Our inner feel-good factory video.
  2. Working in pairs, small groups or individually, explore and discuss the contents of the Inner feel-good factory handout. Debrief together or in pairs
Reflect and discuss
  • Review the chart below and check off the feel-good activities you do regularly.
    • How do you feel about the number of feel-good activities you’re already doing?
    • Would you like to do more?
    • Which ones would be easy to add to your routine?
  • Use the back of this sheet to map out a plan for doing more feel-activities in the coming following week. Share your plan with a partner.
  • Reflect on how you felt after adding more feel-good activities to your week. Share your findings with your partner.