Still I rise

This poem by Maya Angelou, American poet and civil rights activist, is a reflection of resilience, encouraging us to not only fight to survive but also thrive in the wake of trauma and injustice.

Activity Time: 30 min - 60 min
Activity steps
  1. Watch the video of Maya Angelou reciting Still I rise, or read the poem aloud
  2. Walk through the Still I rise handout
  3. Work in pairs or small groups to answer the questions and do the writing activity.
Reflect and discuss
  • How did you feel when reading or listening to this poem? Which part stood out most for you? Why?
  • How important is it to ‘rise up’ against injustice? What things inspire you to take a stand?
  • How would you describe the personality or characteristics of the person featured in the poem? Are these positive or negative qualities? Explain.
  • Still I rise is about resilience, the ability to both survive hardship and thrive in its wake. 
    • Is resilience important? Why or why not?
    • Who is the most resilient person you know? What made you choose that person?
    • What are some ways to develop resilience?
Write it out! 

Write a poem or story that features examples of resilience from your own life.