There are many ways to use the familiar childhood game Hopscotch to send a message in a playful way. This hopscotch activity requires participants to maintain their balance (literally!) while facing “obstacles.”

“I know life is surrounded with lots of obstacles, but childhood had already trained me to stride them with hopscotch” – Sangeeta

Activity steps
  1. Prepare what you need for the activity 
    • Space for teams of up to 4 participants to play hopscotch
    • 5-8 recipe cards (or squares of paper) and pens (1 set per team)
    • 1 roll of masking tape, if indoors (I per team)
    • 1 or 2 sticks of chalk, if outdoors (I per team)
    • Up to 4 tokens, such as rock or eraser (1 per team member)
  2. Break the group into small teams and invite them to list some common worries or obstacles they encounter. Have one participant per team record the group’s answers on recipe cards.
  3. Give each group masking tape (if inside) or chalk (if outside) to make a hopscotch. Instruct the group to place their recipe cards randomly beside some or all of the squares.
  4. Invite the teams to start playing hopscotch! Cheer them on as they take turns reaching down, on one leg, to pick up a recipe card and read it aloud. 
  5. Encourage participants to help one another to stay as strong and balanced as possible, and avoid getting frustrated or discouraged. Remind them that the idea is to do your best in the face of challenges. Staying calm, being positive, and using problem-solving skills helps. Humour goes a long way too.
  6. If desired, you could invite the youth to capture their words of encouragement on a ‘Graffiti Wall’ made by taping 6 or more blank poster boards taped to a wall. (Or use a large whiteboard, if available.)