The Factors Game was developed by the Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research for use in school classrooms and other places where young people gather. The game encourages critical thinking and conversation about the things that influence our substance use choices. Players draw from their backgrounds and experiences as well as information learned from others.

As humans, both individually and as communities, we need to learn how to manage the drugs in our lives.

Activity steps
  1. Prepare what you need for the game.
    • Space to play (table and chairs, or area of the ground for youth to sit in a circle)
    • Instructions, game board and game cards (1 set per group of 3-5 players)
    • Tokens (e.g., paper clip, eraser, nickel)
  2. Walk players through the instructions. Give them time to get into it and really enjoy the game. Check in with groups to see how they’re doing.
  3. After playing, debrief about the game experience. Ask participants to identify at least one thing they learned about themselves or substance use issues.