To honour the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, Cannabis & Psychosis is releasing the english version of our virtual Land Acknowledgement. This land acknowledgment will be hosted on the Explore the Link website as well as the Cannabis and Mental Health site. This Land Acknowledgment was created by our Youth Action Committee members Connor Lafortune and Maleesha Paskarathas with support from the rest of our team.

We recognize that a land acknowledgment is a first step. For those of us who are settlers on this land, we often benefit from the structures and practices of colonialism. Therefore, we must recognize the history of colonialism and harms done by settlers to various Indigenous communities through the erasure of culture, land appropriation, a disregard for Indigenous rights, traditions, and knowledge.

Here at Cannabis & Psychosis we are committed to the reconciliation process by prioritizing giving space and liberating Indigenous youth voices . This is a continuous commitment that we aim to carry out throughout all of our projects.

Thank you,

The Explore the Link Team