Cannabis comes up a lot these days, in the news and in common conversation. It helps to have a basic understanding of what cannabis is, how it's used, and how it affects the human body. It also helps to have insight into the relationship between cannabis and mental health in young people.

A person’s relationship with cannabis and mental health can change over time.

Activity steps
  1. Watch the What is cannabis? video.
  2. Use the What is cannabis handout as a reference.
  3. Work in pairs or small groups to explore and discuss the questions below.
Reflect and discuss
  • How can you tell if a person’s relationship with cannabis is healthy or unhealthy? Substance use is complex, and there are many factors to consider. What questions do you need to ask to understand more about the relationship?
  • In small groups, consider the scenarios below and discuss each person’s relationship with cannabis.  You might not always agree!
  • Scenarios
    • Jax has a part-time job and spends most of his money on cannabis. He says he likes using it when chilling with his friends, but recently he’s been using it alone most of the time.
    • Erin and Allan have been using cannabis regularly since Grade 8. High school graduation is four months away and they are stressed out about finishing their classes and course work.
    • Most nights Lee uses a small amount of cannabis before going to sleep. Their parents don’t like cannabis so Lee has to hide it. 
    • Diana wants to try using cannabis because her sister said it helps with menstrual cramps. But she worries about the impact it might have on her mental health. 
    • Make your own scenario.
  • Keep note of the strategies you used for making decisions about what’s healthy and unhealthy, and share your strategy with the group.