Legalize it

Jamaican-born Peter Tosh wrote and released Legalize It in 1975 in response to his ongoing victimization by the Jamaican police. It was also meant to be a political statement supporting cannabis legalization for medical purposes in particular.

Activity Time: 30 min - 60 min
Activity steps
  1. Play Legalize It once, inviting those who feel comfortable to close their eyes while listening. 
  2. Walk through the Legalize it handout and play the song again. 
  3. In pairs or small groups, discuss the questions below.
Reflect and discuss

Legalize it was banned when  released, but not suppressed. Singer Peter Tosh became famous. In 1977, Tosh said: “We are the victims of Rasclot circumstances. Victimization, colonialism, gonna lead to bloodbath.”

  • To what degree do you think was Tosh right? Explain your answer in discussion or in an essay.