Please  Join Us! – June 23rd, 2022  – @12PM EDT for our free Cannabis + Mental Health Project Webinar


Since the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada in 2018, it’s become increasingly imperative to provide young people with a critical range of perspectives and improve the way we communicate about cannabis and mental health, especially when it comes to preventing problematic use and addressing stigma.

This webinar will explore the Cannabis and Mental Health Project, created by youth for youth.  The project includes a comprehensive range of digital resources to give young people the education, tools, and support they need to make informed and healthy decisions for themselves.

In this webinar, participants will:

  1. Understand the importance of viewing mental health and cannabis use through a broad lens
  2. Understand the importance of partnering with individuals with lived experience, youth, youth allies and organizations to support meaningful collaboration and project success
  3. Learn about tools and resources that promote self agency and community wellness and gain insight into how these can be used in diverse settings  to increase knowledge mobilization and self efficacy

This project has been created in collaboration with Cannabis and Psychosis: Exploring the Link, the Youth Research and Evaluation Exchange (YouthREX), and the Mental Health Commission of Canada. Utilizing the strengths of each partner, we have created an engaging online curriculum with a diverse range of interactive content, and resources, built on a framework of  anti-oppression and harm reduction.

Members of our Youth Action Committee, project partners as well as  Dr. Yarissa Herman and Dr. Phil Tibbo, our Scientific advisors,  will be joining us for the webinar.

Looking forward to seeing you on June 23rd, 2022  @12-130 PM, EDT

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The Cannabis and Mental Health Team!