Our Strategic Advisor, Kira London-Nadeau, interviews cannabis and psychosis researcher Stephanie Coronado-Montoya

We were extremely fortunate to interview Stephanie Coronado-Montoya , MSc, and current PhD student at the Université de Montréal, on her research around implementing better and more tailored supports and services for people with psychosis who use cannabis.

Stephanie is a young researcher whose experience in the psychiatry field has made her aware of the lack of existing evidence-based programs for different vulnerable populations, and passionate about addressing these issues. Her involvements have centred on improving access to and developing new psychosocial interventions to address such needs in vulnerable populations. Currently, as part of her Ph.D. project, she is developing a novel harm reduction psychosocial intervention for people with psychosis who use cannabis.

During the interview we talked with Stephanie about the need for a harm reduction approach in supporting people with psychosis who use cannabis, how her research uses innovative methods such as surveys inspired by market research to better understand what patients want and need, and how complex the link between cannabis and psychosis truly is.

Check out the video to get the full story, and you can visit Stephanie’s lab’s website here to learn more about their ongoing research projects!